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Ollie’s Obituary

February 15, 2018

Ollie escaped this mortal cat-carrier on the evening Thursday, February 8th, 2018. He left this world as comfortably as possible, surrounded by his humans, Cameron and Heather.

Ollie led a good life in this world, albeit a short one. He was adopted by his (later to be #1) human’s sister, Sheena and forced to live in a dormitory for a short time. Ollie did not like dormitories.

Ollie went to live with his (human) grandparents, Sandra and John, after the discovery of his hatred of dormitories. It is here he met the human who would soon be his #1, Cameron.

Ollie and Sheena tried living together again in Maumelle. Everything went fine until Sheena met Tyler. Ollie did not like Tyler.

It was soon after this discovery of his dislike of Tyler that Ollie came to live with Cameron. Ollie loved Cameron.

Ollie Obit 2

From that moment on, no matter what, Cameron was Ollie’s #1 human. They lived happily for almost two years in downtown Little Rock. Cameron discovered Ollie’s penchant for playing with tinsel balls and snuggling on the couch. Ollie loved playing with tinsel balls.

Soon afterwards, Ollie and Cameron moved to California, where Cameron attended seminary. They lived for a year in an “apartment” that can best be described as a dormitory. Ollie hated dormitories.

Ollie was displeased, moving from an apartment with 10-foot ceilings and a wide-open floor plan, so he moved back to Arkansas to be with Cameron’s #1 and his soon-to-be #2, Heather.

Heather already had her #1 cat, Daphne. Ollie noticed this fact quickly and soon began chasing her throughout the house. Ollie hated Daphne. (Though, they would grow to tolerate each other. At times.)

Every time Cameron came home from California, Ollie would be mad at for a few minutes, then warm right back up to his #1. Ollie loved his #1.

In fact, after Cameron moved back to Little Rock, he and Heather were married, and the full family moved to Houston, it was as if the three years with Heather had never happened. Ollie was with his #1 again and that’s all that mattered.

Ollie Obit 1

In Houston, Ollie discovered his love of the outdoors. He loved to chase wildlife, like squirrels. Even after outside was no longer available, he loved to watch the birds. Ollie loved to chase things. Ollie was never very good at catching them.

Ollie left this world far too soon. 11 years is too short of a time for an indoor cat. But cancer takes the best of us when it will. Ollie’s #1 and #2, as well as his original #1 and his (human) grandparents loved him very much. And they will always hold a place for him in their hearts, no matter how much time passes. Ollie was a good cat. Ollie was a wonderful cat. Ollie was the best cat Cameron has ever known.

Wherever Ollie is at this time, he is chasing all of the tinsel balls, playing in the sheets of a freshly made bed, or unsuccessfully running after birds and squirrels. Most importantly, Ollie no longer feels the pain of this cat-carrier world.

Ollie 3



Ollie is Dying

November 17, 2017
For the past few months, Ollie’d been really sick. He’d been throwing up blood quite often. Sometimes a lot. Sometimes a little. One morning, he really started freaking out. Running around and acting erratic. So, we took him to the vet.
That day, the vet found a UTI and some blockage in his digestive track. Ollie underwent treatments for those things and appeared to be getting better. But, after a short while, he started throwing up blood again.
At this point, our veterinarian told us we should bring him in for an appointment with an internist/intensivist. This past Monday, Heather took him in for the appointment. The vet team ran an ultrasound and found a mass in his stomach. They told us it didn’t look good. In fact, they told us it looked bleak. Today, we got results back from a biopsy they took, confirming that Ollie has lymphoma in his stomach.
Ollie 1
There is a chemo regiment, but given Ollie’s cage aggression and his disdain for veterinarian appointments, it looks like we will not be pursuing this option. His quality of life would be horrific and the chance of full recovery is not good enough.
We’ve decided to let him spend his time left with us at home, where we’ll do our best to control his symptoms and pain. When the time comes, in the next 7-8 months, we hope to say goodbye to him here.
Ollie 2
If you’ve been friends with me for long on here, followed me on Twitter for some time, or seen me interact with my cat, you know this really sucks for me. He’s been with me for 9 years (OK! OK! 3 of those years were with Heather here in Little Rock while I was in seminary. But he stayed mine! Just ask her about it!). And he will turn 11years old in February. That’s way too young for a cat to die.
This is painful. And it sucks. I’m really, really going to miss this furry goofball.
Ollie 3

Cats on Couches

May 19, 2017

Another addition to the #CatsonCouches seriesDSC_0740DSC_0740

Cats on Couches

April 5, 2017

A continuation of the series, #CatsonCouches


Cats on Couches

April 2, 2017

I’ve been playing around with my camera. Decided I’d make a photo series – you know, for fun. I introduce to you: #CatsonCouches

Here’s the first picture:DSC_0605