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Continuing to Fight Cancer… With My Beard!

October 31, 2012

Here’s a design I had for the 2nd year I did the auction

This happened last year

Hey everyone,

So if you’ve known me for a while, then you know that I raise money every year for the Prostate Cancer Foundation ( by holding an auction in which I award the winning bidder the glorious prize of choosing a design in which I will shave my beard (you can see some pictures of past designs above). The past few years have been just a typical auction, but this year, I’m changing the rules a bit and there’s a very special treat for all you SFTS folk as well!

First, the special treat: Dean Hansen, from the Maintenance Department, is joining me in auctioning off his beard! You can see his picture below, along with mine. These pictures were taken today, so that’s what you have to work with at this point!

Now, the rules:┬áThis year, I want you all to submit the designs that you want to see happen. For example, if you find a design somewhere, either e-mail it to me (, post it as a comment on here, or tweet it to me (@ReformedCam) and I’ll post them in the same post as I get them. At the end of the first week, on November 8th, we’ll start narrowing down the designs by votes (how many are eliminated on a weekly basis will be determined on how many are submitted). In order to get a vote, you have to make at least a $1 donation to the Prostate Cancer Foundation (again, For each dollar you donate you get a vote for that week you donated (Example: donate $5, get 5 votes; donate $5,000, get 5,000 votes). So again, if you donate 1 dollar in the first week, you get one vote that week. If you donate 5,000 dollars, you get 5,000 votes for that week. You can split up your votes any way you want to (in case you donate a lot and want to split those votes up between designs). So if you want to vote every week, you need to make separate donations every week.

In order to have your vote counted, you can notify me in several ways. What I would PREFER you to do is e-mail or tweet me a screen shot of your donation so that I know you made the donation and I can count your votes properly (of course, make sure your valuable personal information is concealed, not that I’m an identity thief or anything). However, for the most part, I’m a pretty trusting guy, so if I know you, I’ll probably just take your word for it.

And, as always, let’s keep those designs clean! I’m a seminary student and I work with kids in a church. And, whatever designs win, Dean and I will wear them for a whole week, starting Saturday, December 1st! That means a whole week of class, work, various social interactions, and whatever else we might get in to!

So with that, happy bidding and donating! Remember, get those designs in quickly so we can make this the best beard-auction yet!

Thanks everyone,


Dean’s beard as of today, October 31st

My beard as it is now, October 31st.