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Prostate Cancer

November 1, 2011

Greetings everyone! Let me start off by saying that I’m sure you’re shocked that I’ve actually posted on my blog. I’ve been looking for a reason to start this thing back up and I think I’ve found an excuse: No Shave November.

If you’ve heard of No Shave November, you’re probably aware that in the month of November, lots of guys just stop shaving. Maybe it’s for a reason, maybe not. However, a lot of guys that do this do it to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer. “What,” you might ask, “does not shaving have to do with prostate cancer?” Well, frankly, not that much; except we’re guys so we can grow beards and prostate cancer affects every guy.

When I say prostate cancer affects every guy, I mean it. Every prostate that is out there WILL get cancer, given that their owner lives long enough for it to develop. We gentlemen have an organ that is destined to get cancer. That sucks.

True, prostate cancer is rarely fatal and is very treatable if found early enough. However, it’s STILL CANCER! Plus, we’re guys. That means that we’re not going to go to the doctor enough to get a regular examination. AND, it’s not like we dudes want to get THAT examination ::shudder::. BUT, we need to raise awareness and get men of all ages involved in beating this disease.

“Well, Cameron,” you might inquire of me, “what do you plan on doing about it?” I’ll tell you. Two years ago, I started a fundraiser to auction off my beard every November. Now, this isn’t an auction where I’m going to cut off my beard and donate the hair to someone or something, because that’s gross. Instead, if you win the auction that will last all the way through the month of November, you get to decide how I cut my beard and I have to wear it like that for a week. Last year, I had the beard design of the Rent Is Too Damn High candidate, which looks a bit like this: . With that auction, I raised over twice as much as I had the previous year, something I’m very proud of. This year, I’m hoping to beat last year’s total and really raise some awareness.

So, if you want to bid on a design for my beard, here are the rules:

  • You can make a bid on any social network that I’m on by commenting on one of my posts or sending me a message (you can find me on Facebook [Cameron Highsmith], Twitter [@cdizzle82] and Google +, or you can make a comment on posts found on this blog)
  • The design has to be appropriate (I go to seminary and am actively involved in many congregations in the area, I can’t show up with a giant phallus on my face)
  • My hair is mostly off-limits. I’ll allow my hair to be a part of certain designs, but they need to be pretty legit.
  • This is a consistently run auction. I’ll be posting regularly about what the bid is up to. If you want to bid, you have to have the highest amount at 12:01 AM, December 1st.
  • You don’t have to raise the money alone! You can get groups of people to up the ante!
  • You make the donation yourself! I don’t want your money to come to me, because that’s bad karma. Just go to and make the donation (feel free to do this even if you don’t win the auction)!
  • Once the final design has been chosen and the auction is over, I’ll post pictures of my new beard on all the social networks and here on this blog

I hope that you’ll consider making a bid or two on this auction. And if not, just help spread the word about prostate cancer and maybe give a small donation to

Thank you!


P.S. This is my beard at our Halloween Party this past Friday. As you can see, it’s pretty rad right now.