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November 10, 2009

Recently, whilst sitting in church, our pastor delivered a sermon that really struck a chord with me. I believe the title was, “What Do You Want?” I could be wrong though, because it was a few weeks ago, and I unfortunately did not save the bulletin. I did however, take some brief notes during the sermon and saved those. So hopefully, I can remember my train of thought when I was jotting them down and thinking to myself, “This would be a great blog!”

The main topic of that particular sermon had to do with meeting Jesus face to face. If given the opportunity, what would you ask from Jesus. More specifically, what do you want Jesus to do for you?

Think about that for a moment. It’s a tough question. Let’s narrow it down and ask a bit more of a specific question. What one thing would you ask Jesus for? If there were one thing in the world that you could have, what would it be?

Sure, we all tell ourselves that we would ask for something like world peace, or to end hunger. And of course, that’s what you’re going to tell your friends and family when discussing a topic of this nature. But look deep down in your heart. What do you really want? This is an opportunity to really dig down inside your faith and get some answers from yourself.

Your faith, ultimately, is only something that you can define. You’re given several different factors throughout your life that influence your faith (family, friends, empathy, apathy, etc.) but in the end game, only you can decide what you want to do with your beliefs and how to act on those beliefs.

This is why it is important to ask yourself these kind of questions. It’s important in a faith journey to really dig down deep and find out what we’re all about. Are you more superficial than you thought? Or are you as generous and loving as you portray yourself to be? What do you want from Jesus? What do you want from your faith?

Do you want to use your faith to become a better person? Do you think the most important thing about your faith is converting other people to see “The Light?” If you’re converting people, is it because you truly believe that there is only one true way? Or are you just trying to save yourself?

Do you honestly care about others? Are you trying to get that homeless man food and clothes and give him a new start? Or are you just preaching to him because someone told you that is what is needed to be done?

What is the point in your faith? Why do you believe the way you do? Ask yourself these questions. When you ask these questions, don’t just spend a minute on them and then blow them off. Take some time out of your day. Maybe use your allotted daily prayer time to pray about these questions. Take a walk around the block and just tune everything out except these questions. Really get down into your mind and heart and study yourself.

Faith is not about listening to others. It’s about listening to yourself, finding out who you are and then determining how that is going to make you act toward others. I’m not saying to ignore all the factors that determine your faith. But rather, use those factors and your feelings and your mind and your soul to find out what you truly believe. Just because someone has more degrees than you in a particular subject, does not mean that they know what is best for you. They might have studied the subject more, but they don’t know what your mind is churning around.

What is the ONE thing you would ask from Jesus?