My Favorite Joke

This is my favorite joke. My father told me this a few years ago, and since I loved it so much, I actually remembered it. Now, this is a joke that is great because you can use any two states that you want. Or even any two countries. Today, I’m going to use Arkansas and Texas. I’m using Arkansas because, well, I’m from Arkansas. I’m using Texas as the other state because, well… you’ll see why after you read the joke.

Two guys, one from Arkansas and the other from Texas, were taking a road trip together through the country. They were driving down the road and the Arkansan said, “Ya know, I believe we done ought to make a stop on up here and pick us up some vittles for the road.”

“That’s not a bad idea,” said the man from Texas. “We’ll do that at the store up here.”

They pull over at the grocery store and the man from Arkansas enters and walks up to the counter.

“I need me some ‘naners, ‘maters and ‘taters, please.”

The man behind the counter looks at the Arkansan and says, “You’re from Arkansas, aren’t you?”

“Well, yes’ir I sure am! How did you reckon that out?”

“Well, sir, I can tell by the way you talk. Your accent gives it away.”

“Gooooolllly! Hot dawg! That’s somefin’ ain’t it?” The Arkansas exclaims as he walks out the store with the food.

The two friends hit the road again and the Arkansan turns to the Texan and says, “Ya know, they be able to tell whur you’re from just by tha way ya talk ’round here!”

“I don’t believe you at all,” says the Texan. “We’ll pull over at the next stop and I’m going to test this little theory out.

So they pull into the next store and the Texan hops out of the car and rushes up to the counter inside the store.

“I need some potatoes, tomatoes and bananas, please!”

The clerk replied, “You’re from Texas, aren’t you?”

“Yes I am! How could you tell, by the way that I talk?”

“No sir,” replied the clerk, “… This is a hardware store…”

*Joke Drum Line*

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2 Comments on “My Favorite Joke”

  1. rfortier1796 Says:

    Two guys meet in the bathroom. One is from Arkansas, the other from Texas. The guy from Texas finishes his business first and turns to walk out the door.

    The man from Arkansas says “You know, my momma always taught me to wash my hands when I’m done.”

    The man from Texas turns around and shrugs. “Down in Texas they teach us not to piss all over our hands.”

    *ba dum crash*

    • arkmuse Says:

      I know that one better as a Navy Sailor and a Marine. The Sailor being the one saying that in the Navy they were taught to wash their hands and the Marine being taught not to piss on them. For reference, see the movie “The Negotiator” with Samuel L Jackson and Kevin Spacey.

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